Meet the Artist.

My friends and family call me Alli, as much as I didn't like that nickname growing up, I seem to prefer it now. I have spent most of my years living near Vancouver BC. I've been artistic my whole life but I have only learned recently that my ADHD contributed to me picking up many hobbies throughout the years. I love that my brain has always found learning and creativity fun and fascinating, as its given me many skills.

For work though, I mainly was in male dominated, heavy labour work for most of my life. From professional spray finishing, to post construction cleanup, to running a kitchen in a restaurant, to managing a staff in a warehouse... and much more, I've done it all! I even started up my own cleaning company that I ran very successfully for 3 years!

This lead me to a bad spine injury at 25 years young. My life came to a halt, I had to give up my business, the home i was in the process of buying, and my financial, mental, physical and spiritual health took a hard painful turn for the worse.
After almost 10 years of still trying to work traditional 9:00-5:00 (or in my case 6:00-4:00) jobs, I finally had enough.
I took a plunge into something I always wanted to do. If finances were going to be rough and I was going to be in pain all the time, I was at least going to enjoy my life! I bought a big propane converted E350 van and I worked on the interior for a couple months. I then hit the road and lived in my van with the interior run by solar power. It had running water, lights, power outlets, a fridge etc. I did this for a few months and it was the best I had felt since my injuries.

I then jumped from hobby to hobby that I could make a living from, finding that each one was still a huge toll on my Injured spine. I sold my baking and food, I re finished furniture, I cleaned houses and businesses again... you name it. I then ended up working in the cannabis industry for a few years. In that time, I moved to Kelowna BC, and continued on my path of self discovery, self love, self acceptance, growth and manifestation. On this journey, it has lead me to submersing myself in the metaphysical world, and finally opening myself back up to the energy work and gifts that I've always had, but never nurtured.
I have found such a love for crystals, and decided this year (2023) that it was time for me to enjoy my life, while catering to my physical limitations, and also learning to advocate for my disabilities. I decided to start having faith in my artistic abilities with paint. I also decided I was going to start working with crystals and creating types of art and beauty with them as well.

Now I'm here, Launching my website/First shop, and I couldn't be happier and feel more in my element than I do now! Working with crystals, making jewelry that provides healing properties to the wearer, and diving into my creativity, has been incredible.  I look forward to expanding into providing card readings in 2024 at markets and also do readings and set up my crystals at parties and events. There is no limit on where I will go!

Please feel free to ask me any questions about products or me, etc on my Instagram or facebook @highvibrationboutique