Collection: Malas

All of my Malas have 108 beads with 5 spacer beads and are created in a Zen pattern of 7-14-33-33-14-7. They have this number of beads because of the many ways number108 ties into nature.

These beads help you keep track of your breathwork/mantras in your meditation practice, they can also help with day to day anxieties and centering yourself.

Think of these as a spiritual fidget spinner, if you will.

Rotate each bead through your fingers in your right hand, as you pass them toward you, 1 by 1, chant your mantra or do your meditative breathing. When you reach each spacer bead, Take a moment to recenter and clear your mind.

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Things to include:
1.Either colour, or healing properties or specific crystals.
2.Tassel or pendant
3.Time frame needed by