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High Vibration Creations

🌈Well Rounded🌈

🌈Well Rounded🌈

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This Mala is a well rounded energy. It has a wise variety of crystals, that are working will all chakras and providing an abundance of healing properties. We also love that this is a great Pride piece as well.


Ambition ~ Uplifting ~ Vitality

Healing: grounds, inspires creativity, stone of ambition, assists in attaining goals, reduces tension & encourages a positive attitude.  This

Vitality ~ Motivate ~ Create ~ Repair

Healing: restores vitality & motivation, stimulates creativity, boosts fertility & sexuality, releases stress & trauma

Peach Aventurine
Manifest ~ Creativity ~ Goodluck

Healing: helps overcome challenges, manifests new possibilities, encourages perseverance, amplifies determination, & enhances vitality

Pineapple Calcite
Confidence ~ Intellectual Power

Healing: is a stone often used to enhance ones will and self confidence. Reminding you to embrace and connect with your self worth and inner power. This stone brings energy, vibrance, and intellectual power.

Green Aventurine
‘The Manifester Stone’ 
Balance ~ Tranquility ~ Stability

Healing: comforter, heart healer, dissolves negative emotions, instills well-being & calms emotions, promotes spiritual growth

Blue Spot Jasper
Peace ~ Courage ~ Hope

Healing: A soothing and calming stone of hope. This is a helpful aid in standing up for yourself, and gaining peaced of mind and hope. Helps with organization and discipline. Promotes calmness and communication and speak your truth.

All Healer’
Protection ~ Cleansing ~ Intuition

Healing: balances emotions (negativity, anxiety, fear), aids spirituality & grounds, relieves anxiety, aids in restful sleep. Provides protection, and is also good for recovering from addictions.

Awareness ~ Transition ~ Balance

Healing: deep emotional healing, soothes & reduces stress & depression, promotes change, aids in transitions, brings peace & tranquility in stressful times, sleep aid

Calm ~ Awareness ~ Patience

Healing: calming stone, reduces stress & anger, including anger directed toward the wearer, absorbs negative energy, reduces insomnia as it relieves an overactive mind

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