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High Vibration Creations

Anger Management and Creating Joy

Anger Management and Creating Joy

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This gorgeous mala is made for someone who needs to manage anger or negative feelings, and to help create joy everywhere you look!

I used Dalmatian Jasper for the main gemstone because it is a powerful healer, and has playful, childlike vibrations. It is also a powerful stone for courage and creating joy in your present moment! This stone promotes joy and laughter... And laughter is the best medicine.

Howlite helps eliminate anger and teaches patience. It takes the weight off your shoulders and provides more calmness. This is a stone of emotional healing and stress relief. This stone also helps you express your emotions.

Green Adventurine was used as the spacer beads because it is a negative energy dissolver and a comforting stone. This calms anger, and irritation and helps balance the emotions. It also neutralizes electromagnetic energy from electronics etc.

Ocean Jasper is crystal that aids you in difficult times. It brings calm and uplifting energy to the wearer and helps make your outlook more optimistic.
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