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High Vibration Creations

Protection and Calm

Protection and Calm

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This Mala offers both the soothing and safeguarding effects of crystals, as well as the potential healing properties of essential oils when applied to the lava beads.

Most of my malas are made with 6mm beads and 8mm spacer beads. This one is made with 8mm beads and 10mm spacer beads. This is approx. 26 inches long from top to bottom (not circumference).

Lava Stone
Emotional Tranquility ~ Calmness ~ Relaxation
Healing: grounds, alleviates anxiety, promotes emotional tranquility with calmness & relaxation, strengthens connection to Mother Earth, gives strength, courage & stability through change 

Dalmatian Jasper
Joyful ~ Spiritual grounding ~ Happiness
Healing: A powerful stone that helps you let go of anger and hurt. It allows us to connect with our inner child and let go of resentment. This stone also gives spiritual grounding and psychic protection because of the tourmaline spots.

Stone of Transformation’
Openness ~ Flexibility ~ Protection
Healing: a spiritual stone, helps regain energy while aiding body & spirit in healing itself, aids transitions, powerful protection stone, good for people who tend to overwork

All Healer’
Protection ~ Cleansing ~ Intuition
Healing: balances emotions (negativity, anxiety, fear), aids spirituality & grounds, relieves anxiety, aids in restful sleep. Provides protection, and is also good for recovering from addictions.

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