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High Vibration Creations

Success, Confidence, and Good Luck

Success, Confidence, and Good Luck

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This gorgeous mala is like wearing sunshine around your neck!

Made with 6mm beads and 8mm spacer beads.
This is approx. 21 inches long from top to bottom (not circumference).

Balance Energy ~ Clear mind
Healing: stimulates kundalini energies. Place this stone on the meridian points to clear blockages and allow a healthy flow of energy to radiate through the body. It deepens one's connection with Mother Earth and Earth goddesses. It keeps you balanced and your mind clear of negativity.

Pineapple Calcite
Confidence ~ Intellectual Power
Healing: is a stone often used to enhance ones will and self confidence. Reminding you to embrace and connect with your self worth and inner power. This stone brings energy, vibrance, and intellectual power.

Peach Aventurine
Manifest ~ Creativity ~ Goodluck
Healing: helps overcome challenges, manifests new possibilities, encourages perseverance, amplifies determination, & enhances vitality

Lemon Jade
Abundance ~ Authenticity ~ Stability ~ Success
Healing: cleanses energy, instills optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, & intellect, brings energies of self-confidence, courage, & abundance, imparts wisdom in silence & tranquility, dispels harm & negativity

Ambition ~ Uplifting ~ Vitality
Healing: grounds, inspires creativity, stone of ambition, assists in attaining goals, reduces tension & encourages a positive attitude

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