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High Vibration Creations

🧡Confident and Present🧡

🧡Confident and Present🧡

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Green Adventurine is a negative energy dissolver and a comforting stone. This calms anger, and irritation and helps balance the emotions. It also neutralizes electromagnetic energy from electronics etc.

Blue Spot Jasper encourages you to live in the moment. It helps you escape past painful experiences, and encourages you to stand up for yourself. This stone brings calmness and stabilizes your aura.

Tigers Eye is perfect for someone feeling lethargic, as it motivates and provides energy. This stone is good for boosting confidence and strength and is known as the stone of courage!

Carnelian also helps boost confidence and offers stability and grounding. This stone helps give you clarity, motivation and boosts your self esteem!

I used Dalmatian Jasper for the spacer beads because it is a powerful healer, and has playful, childlike vibrations. It is also a powerful stone for courage and creating joy in your present moment!

I used an agate slices for the pendant to help with mental clarity and enhance your perception and analytical abilities, to assist in better decision making.
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