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High Vibration Creations

💚Positivity and Good Luck💚

💚Positivity and Good Luck💚

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This one of a kind mala has been created with a combination of stones that aid in eradicating negativity and doubt.

Green adventurine has been used as the main stone to cast away negative thoughts, and bring emotional calm.

Howlite helps eliminate anger and teaches patience. It takes the weight off your shoulders and provides more calmness. This is a stone of emotional healing and stress relief and positive energy.

Tigers Eye is perfect for someone feeling lethargic, as it motivates and provides energy. This stone is good for bringing beautiful confidence forward from within.

I used Dalmatian Jasper to eliminate negativity and bad dreams. The black spots on the jasper are meant to soak up the nightmares and negative thoughts. It is also a powerful stone for courage and creating joy in your present moment!

A White quartz Buddha has been added as the pendant to diffuse an aura of calm and tranquility. White quarts amplifies your intentions. The positivity and good luck you put into this stone will emanate tenfold.
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