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High Vibration Creations

Assorted Towers

Assorted Towers

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Mookaite - 2.5 inch
Mookaite Jasper has a nurturing and comforting energy that supports one during times of stress and illness. It is a powerful healing stone that improves the general health of the physical body, strengthens the immune system, and treats high blood pressure.

Goldstone - 2.75 inch
Goldstone imparts confidence, ambition, endurance, and determination. It enables one to think clearly and refrain from making impulsive decisions, especially in stressful situations. It deflects unwanted energy and psychic attacks, making it a useful protection stone.

Dragon Bloodstone - 2.75 inch
Dragon bloodstone is a powerful combination of two stones; Piemontite and Epidote. It embodies the fiery and persistent power of the dragon, giving one the strength needed to achieve their goals. It provides a boost of vitality to help overcome illness and injury.

Lapis Lazuli - 3.25 inch
Lapis Lazuli reveals one's inner truth and allows for expression without holding back. It releases feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger. It is excellent for anyone in a leadership position as it promotes qualities of wisdom, compassion, and authenticity.

Larvikite - 3.75 inch
Larvikite is a highly protective and grounding stone that has a strong connection to the energies of the Earth. It helps one quickly absorb new information, especially complicated spiritual practices and rituals. It is also a beneficial aid for past-life and soul work.

Zebra Jasper - 3.5 inch
Zebra Jasper is a gentle stone that brings emotional balance and contentment. Its black and white stripes unite yin and yang energy, and deeply connect one to the energies of the Earth. It is beneficial for those who overthink situations and doubt themselves.

Howlite - 3.75 inch
Howlite is an extremely calming and soothing stone. It is beneficial for those with insomnia as it quiets the mind, helping one experience a deep sleep. It brings greater gentleness and empathy when dealing with others, and eliminates frustration and impatience.

Pink Moss Agate - 3.5 inch
It soothes and calms, heals inner anger and tension, and creates a feeling of security and safety. Spiritually, pink moss agate is great for recovery from a long illness or debilitating illness. It works on the emotions, heals them and helps a lot with self-expression.

Red Vein Jasper - 3.5 inch
 is restorative, calming and comforting. It also grounds and connects you with the earth. While creating stability and emotional balance.

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