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High Vibration Creations

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

Harry Potter Sorting Hat

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Channel your inner Hogwarts magic with this Harry Potter Sorting Hat! This enchanted hat is perfect for bringing a little magic into your life.

1.5 inches tall
Variants from left to right

1. Kiwi Jasper
Kiwi Jasper
Emotional Strength ~ Courage ~ Perseverance

Healing: believed to be very helpful for anyone struggling with addictive or compulsive behaviors as it imparts great strength, courage, and perseverance. It absorbs negative energy from one's aura, making it important to ensure it is cleansed on a regular basis.
Color: pale seafoam green with black and clear flecks
Chakra: Heart
Affirmation: All that i need is within.

2.Blue Spot Jasper
Blue Spot Jasper
Peace ~ Courage ~ Hope

Healing: A soothing and calming stone of hope. This is a helpful aid in standing up for yourself, and gaining peace of mind and hope. Helps with organization and discipline. Promotes calmness and communication and speak your truth.
Colour: Blue and White
Chakra: Throat
Affirmation: I am at peace with who I am and will stand up for myself at all costs.

3.Lemon Jade

Lemon Jade
Abundance ~ Authenticity ~ Stability ~ Success


Healing: cleanses energy, instills optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, & intellect, brings energies of self-confidence, courage, & abundance, imparts wisdom in silence & tranquility, dispels harm & negativity
Color: Yellow, Yellowy Green
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Affirmation: I feel motivated to pursue my purpose. I stand in my personal power & I am capable & ambitious.

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