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High Vibration Creations

Man Bodies

Man Bodies

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Crafted with obsidian and strawberry quartz, our Man Body carvings make for a unique and quirky addition to any space. Executed to perfection, these crystal works of art are sure to draw double-takes.

2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide
*Far Left is sold

Grounding Shield ~ Protection ~ Purification

Healing: strong protective stone, blocks psychic attacks, stimulates growth, absorbs negative energy & transmutes it into positive
Color: Black
Chakra: Root
Affirmation: I am protected & I release negativity.

Strawberry Quartz
Gratitude ~ Universal Love ~ Harmony

Healing: comforts & soothes, strengthens crown & heart chakras, amplifies love & gratitude, encourages living joyfully, balances connections with physical body & aura
Color: Pink
Chakra: Heart & Crown
Affirmation: I am understanding.

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