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High Vibration Creations

Rainbow Onyx Pikachu

Rainbow Onyx Pikachu

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This is a large Rainbow Onyx Pikachu, that is absolutely perfect for a Pokémon lover.
This beauty sits at 4.5 inches tall, and 3 inches wide and 3/4 of a kg in weight.

Rainbow Onyx
Grounding ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Intuitive

Healing: strengthens self-discipline and increases self-confidence. A stone of persistence, willpower, concentration, and positive thinking. It keeps the bearer focused, re-aligning perceptions, emotions, actions, and thoughts to become a master of self. It is also associated with regeneration, joy, intuition and instincts.
Color: pink, red, orange, beige, green, gray, and brown banding
Chakra: Root Heart
Affirmation: I am strong and focused and a master of myself 

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