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High Vibration Creations

Rainbow Onyx Towers

Rainbow Onyx Towers

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These Rainbow Onyx towers are so gorgeous. The perfect statement piece for any decor or for your crystal collection.

Only the one on the left available.
5.5 inches Tall and 1.25 inch wide.

Rainbow Onyx
Grounding ~ Spiritual Connection ~ Intuitive

Healing: strengthens self-discipline and increases self-confidence. A stone of persistence, willpower, concentration, and positive thinking. It keeps the bearer focused, re-aligning perceptions, emotions, actions, and thoughts to become a master of self. It is also associated with regeneration, joy, intuition and instincts.
Color: pink, red, orange, beige, green, gray, and brown banding
Chakra: Root Heart
Affirmation: I am strong and focused and a master of myself

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